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Oil Paintings

Painting has been one of my favorite mediums as long as I can remember.  It goes hand-in-hand with my love of photography- some images just beg to be painted while other are perfect as a photograph. 


“Photography and painting compliment each other.  I see a scene that grabs me visually and I take a photo to use as a reference for a painting.  My goal in painting is not to make a photo-realistic image, but to depict a sense of the scene in a way that feels real while still allowing for the feel of the paint to come through. “                             - Marlise Lee, artist


Paintings are framed in a black float frame for an additional fee. 

Contact me if interested adding my work to your art collection.

Dramatic Clouds

A dramatic cloud display as the sun sets over the Shendandoah Valley in Virginia.  The textures and colors of the evening sky took my breath away.

Oil on Canvas,  20" x 20"


Oil painting of clouds at sunset by Marlise Lee.
Winter Cows, Marlise Lee.jpg

Winter Cows

One of my favorite places on earth is my family's ranch in Colorado.  Run by my aunt and her family, the working ranch is home to cattle, lambs, and horses.  This oil painting is from a photo of two angus waiting for morning feeding.

Oil on Canvas,  18" x 24"


Shenadoah Farm

This colorful landscape captures the beauty of the Shenandoah Valley.  The Blue Ridge Mountains are a tranquil backdrop to this pastoral scene. 

Oil on Canvas,  24" x 30"

Available at Art & Artisans Gallery,  Luray, VA

Morning Feed_Lee sm.jpg

Morning Feed

One of my favorite places on earth is my family's ranch in Colorado.  The cows know when breakfast will be and wait in the cold crisp morning air.  

Oil on Canvas,  18" x 24"



Droplets on Leaf

When we lived in Alaska I tried my hand at growing cabbages.  The thick leaves created perfect water droplets after the frequent Kodiak rains.   

Oil on Canvas,  16" x 20"


Available at Art & Artisans Gallery,

Luray, VA

Droplets on Leaf, Marlise.jpg
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